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The definitive approach of planning is to help you gain strong online visibility for your business to grow into multiple folds. Our experts at Madromedia will develop a perfect media planning and buying strategy for your brand based on the most profitable ad spaces available. We identify and recommend the best marketing insights that guarantee 4X visibility than normal and helps you stay ahead of your competitors.

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Planning the right ad space

For any business, the success of a marketing campaign lies between various important factors such as clarity of the message, identifying the correct audience and wisely selecting the right marketing channel. By having a clear understanding of what you want to advertise? Whom do you want to target and how much do you want to spend? will help you identify the appropriate media channel that works for you.

Digital Media planning is the process of evaluating and selecting the right ad spaces from a combination of media channels to achieve the desired marketing objectives. To be even more clear digital media planning involves strategically selecting the best of online ad inventories that are available across different channels like social media, search ads, display ads, 3rd party websites, Google display networks and blog sites. The ad inventories are assessed based on metrics that can get you guaranteed results which will be calculated based on the reach that is needed and the advertiser’s budget. The main idea of media planning is to reach out to your target audience by using appropriate media within the given budget.

Media buying

Once the media across digital channels are assessed based on guaranteed inventory slots advertisers will have a clear idea of how much to buy the space for? At this juncture, the accurate cost for the ad space is very much available and based on which the total campaign cost is devised. Media buying is the process of confirming the rates for inventory based on what they can deliver followed by this is processing the order that leads to executing the campaign.

The overall process of media planning and buying is an ongoing cycle of continuous planning, buying guaranteed ad inventories, placing orders where the actual ad placements happen. Once the digital ads are placed the outcome traffic is measured, analyzed and the reports are again fed into the system to plan the next set of campaigns. There are numerous benefits of digital media buying and here are a few:

  • Proper planning
  • Cost-effective
  • Assessing ad space
  • Better ad quality
  • Negotiating
  • High-quality traffic
  • Measure, optimize and report

Our unique media buying process

We do not have a definite media planning and buying process as this differs depending on your business, marketing objective, duration of the campaign and budget. Our approach towards the media buying process does not rely on reaching the maximum number of people instead we craft strategies to reach out to the potential audience through the right medium that will trigger results.

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FAQ’s about Digital Media Planning

Media plan is the process of evaluating and selecting the right ad spaces for advertising a message using a combination of media.

Digital media planning involves strategically selecting the best of online ad spaces across different channels like social media, search ads, display ads, 3rd party website, google display network and blog sites.

The main idea of media planning is to reach out to the target audience by using appropriate media/channels within the given budget.

Yes, it is possible. For media planning, all you need is a proper objective in place.

A complete analysis on the market and target audience should be done. Based on which best of the ad placement across channels will be selected and finally it will be double checked if the requirement really meets the budget.

Absolutely. Media planning requires a concrete objective to achieve, proper research and a reasonable budget should do the job. Any size of companies can do the planning.

Digital media planning agencies will be doing the same type of work on a daily basis and also they will have a team of experts who constantly keeps them updated about the industry, latest trends and digital marketing techniques. It is better to have these experts handle your digital media planning.

There is no fixed fee as it involves assessment of your needs and understanding the objective of your business, based on which we prepare a quote. First of all, we would like to thank you for choosing us. Kindly contact us today to get a quote!

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